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“If you do, winning takes care of itself.”

Competitive activities are an important motivating force, they helps us to show talent, to connect, to challenge, to realize potential and to test ourselves . Participation in such activities leads to a great resume and prepares a student for the real job market. The student participants are able to gain experience, display skills , innovations and uncover their own limitations and achievements by being a part of such activities .

We at DAV Pushpanjali keep creating such opportunities where students compete and realize their full potential both at inter and intra school level. This platform is a melting pot where all competitions are highlighted.

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Competitions should be seen as a set of framework for practicing and facilitating a growth mindset among our students. They set a benchmark, upon which we can base our improvements. Competitions promote students to think on their own, analyze results of their processes, and make improvements, or determine a new course of action. In a way, we get a responsible and a better version of our students by engaging them in Inter-School Competitions.

We at DAV Pushpanjali, believe in sincere service to Education. Even in these difficult times of the Corona pandemic, education fraternity world over is surging ahead to hone the talents of their students. We aim to escalate such efforts further and have planned to provide an opportunity for your students to participate, learn and enhance their skills and talents.

A Detailed Plan of competitions is attached further.

Waiting for an overwhelming Participation!

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