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ATL – Community Day
DAV Public School Pushpanjali Enclave celebrated ATL Community day on 12.4.2019. 6 different schools of the vicinity were invited to tinker with their ideas. The students of the school showcased their projects based on Robotics and IOT  which they had been enthusiastically working upon for a long time. Students of different schools were given special hands on activities to make Balloon Car and Paper Circuits to better understand the concepts of science with additional learning outcomes of team work, planning and leadership. This Community Drive Initiative is aimed at maximizing the impact of Atal Tinkering Labs by extending innovation to children in the community who do not have access to formal educational institutions. The purpose of this initiative is to provide these children with the same educational tools as the students in Atal Tinkering Labs to enable them to become better thinkers and problem solvers.
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Our school celebrated the ‘World
Heritage Day’ on 18th April. The aim was to make students aware about the
importance of the cultural heritages and its preservation. 

Students of class II recited poem
on Monuments of India while doing so, students gained information about the

A Collage – making activity was
organized for students class III where the students co related heritage and

Students of class IV made model
on monuments with the help of waste materials. 

Students participated in it with
utmost enthusiasm and zeal. This was an Endeavour to sensitize the children
about their rich cultural heritage. 

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