Extra Curriculum

Health Hygine And Nutrition

Going by no. of sayings virtually in every language of the world, one is more that convinced that “Health is Wealth” Aristotle expressed his concepts of education as creating of a sound mind in a sound body giving an emphasis to “a sound body” The school has not lost sight of this fact. This is evident from the measures it has taken to ensure physical, mental, moral and social health of its children.

The school has a qualified and experienced pediatrician and a pediatric surgeon on its panel whose services are available to the students during routine medical check up as well as in emergent situations. Besides these, their expertise is also used to interweave the Health education with the general curriculum to make them health conscious. Keeping in mind Brillat Savarin's saying “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”, the school offers the services of a nutritionist too. She monitors the growth of each child and imparts education on Nutrition to cultivate healthy eating habits.

House System

The school has established a house system to foster an environment of “esprit de corps”, and encourage students to work together in unison, co-operation, and healthy competition. The captains and prefects meet regularly to discuss, organize and put into action inter-house events. The daily maintenance of discipline and cleanliness of the school lies in the hands of the House on duty. In a move to make the House System more meaningful and inter-active, certain changes have been introduced this year. The students have been divided into 6 Houses, named after great thinkers of the world.

Aristotle Bhabha Bose Einstein Newton Raman


The School arranges frequent visits.

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